2018 Visions: As An Author, Business Owner, and Christian + My Word of the Year

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Transparency among the visible is a necessary trait. As online business owners and creatives, we must find the willingness to be vulnerable, to be open, and to be transparent. I strongly believe doing so deepens your relativity with your tribe and audience.
This being said, my goal in this beautiful new year is to be far more transparent than I have ever been online. Does this mean this space will turn into an open diary? Absolutely not. 
I will only write and share what will benefit you in this beautiful journey we call the writer's life. We are all vulnerable creatives who dare to write and speak our truth through our words, no matter the kind of story we write.
And to get these beautiful stories out to the world, we must build our businesses, connect, grow in visibility, and impact.
Far too many of us chart out on this path thinking we are alone or are facing struggles other fellow writers have never experienced. This kind of thinking is FALSE. We are not alone, and our experiences are more common than we think.
So, along with this vein of thinking, naturally, I will be sharing my visions, goals, process, and what I plan to achieve this year. 
Are you with me?

1. As An Author

I'll go ahead and admit, 2017 was the year of figuring out if I could really do the author thing or not. Was this for me? Was I capable? Was storytelling truly important to me? I had all the questions and even more doubts. 
Eventually, of course, I shook off the doubts because they were nonsensical and I realized indeed, I certainly could do the author thing if I so pleased. 
So, in 2018, I will. I have several simple goals for myself as an author this year:

Publish 4 books.

The idea alone is taxing, but it truly is a goal of mine. I have 4 specific stories in mind… I take it back. I have 5, but, I can only handle so much. So, my goal is to work on publishing at least 4 of the ones I am ready to share.
I'll share more about the stories eventually, but thus far, what I can share is, prepare to watch me kick myself in my own tail as I chase down the clock and do my best to dish out 4 new stories this year, making me an author of 6 book babies. Whoo!

Become a Best Seller.

Specifically with an NYT, USA Today, Publishers Weekly, and IndieBound Best Selling author… I'm asking too much, right? Probably. Nevertheless, this is a goal of mine for this year.

Host a write-in.

Virtually of course. I love the idea of writers coming together for the sole sake of working on their WIP's, so naturally, I plan on hosting something like this for all my writer-ly peeps.

Read 100 books by the end of 2018

… pray for me.

Make more author friends, especially in my own genre.

I have slowly begun making so many more author friends and I couldn't be more excited. I also want to meet more urban fantasy authors so we can chat and support one another in our author goals.

2. As A Business Owner

I'll admit, my goals for this category in my life are not too many and that's okay. We can't become everything we want to be in just one year. We have to take baby steps. So, here are my goals as a business owner for this year:

  1. Launch a writers membership I've had in my heart for over half a year.
  2. Grow my book writing strategy business and clientele (here's to being booked out 6 months in advance!)
  3. Learn how to manage money and finances the RIGHT way so my business is actually sustainable and the IRS doesn't come after me.

3. As A Christian

My faith in Jesus is the number one most important thing to me. Therefore, as I wish to grow as an author and business owner, I also need to grow in my faith and my walk with Christ. There are a few things I want to achieve this year because I've been terrible at being consistent in years past:

  1. Pray every single day… this is FAR easier said than done! But I'm making a commitment to talk to the Lord in my own personal devotion time EVERY day, including Sundays!
  2. Read my bible every day. This is necessary for me so I can understand scripture better and be more active in applying the scriptures to my life.
  3. Actively pursue ministries that align with my calling. I know what I am called to do. I now need to be cognizant and actively pursue what actually aligns with those ministries and callings, instead of doing everything else simply because there's a need and I'm skilled enough to meet it.
  4. Teach 1 bible study every month. This can be both easy and difficult. But, it is a goal of mine.
  5. Complete 1 devotional by the end of the year… HA. This will be hard because I can never find a devotion I'm willing to commit to for more than 3 days… oops.

And the Word of the Year Is…

Drumroll please… *drum rolls*...
My 2018 word of the year is:


Relentless means: showing or promising no abatement of severity, intensity, strength, or pace.

I plan to go hard, non-stop this year. I've been highly motivated since November of last year and have entered a very healthy place mentally. I've been cognizant of how I speak (speak life, always!), what I listen to, what I let filter into my mind, who I am around, and how I believe. 
I am rigid with my filters and boundaries and will cut off anything and anyone that is a detriment to the growth of my positivity. I'm very excited for this year because it will be a year of doing big things, going out of my comfort zone, believing in myself, and doing the hard work to accomplish my dreams.
I'm beyond excited for 2018 and can't wait to see just what I accomplish this year.

Let's Bring This Home.

I should hope this bit of openness not only helps you see where I'm headed as an author and business owner but also it helps you map out your own writer-ly vision. Be honest with yourself, and dare to dream. Don't hold yourself back. Don't be foolish either.
Write your vision, make a plan, then execute.

Remember, "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail."

Let's chat.

Tell me about some of YOUR goals for 2018. What are the 3 biggest things you want to accomplish?

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