24 Things I Learned By Age 24

There are 24 significant things I learned by my 24th birthday. Click through for them all and freebies from my books. >>

As I sit here on what I refer to as my New Years’, I am astounded. The mighty God, Jesus Christ, chose once again to bless me with the miracle of life for another year. I sit in front of my laptop today, writing this article, blessed beyond what I could have ever imagined.

I write to you from the beautiful state of Indianapolis, Indiana. I am presently attending a powerful and marvelous conference called: North American Youth Congress (learn more here). There are about 35,000 teens and young adults here worshipping Jesus Christ together and I couldn’t feel more blessed to be in the midst of it all this year.

It’s a beautiful treat to remind myself, by looking around, that I am not the only person who worships like I do, or who serves God the way I do. And to be here on my birthday? Pff! Look at God! As my 23rd year began to wrap up, I began thinking about everything I am grateful for, and decided I would go ahead and write my “comeback” post (hello 3 month hiatus? oops…) on the 24 things I learned by the age 24.

I’ll also share some FUN things that are happening around these parts that’ll make you dance and want some celebratory hot cocoa. Woo! Let’s dig in!

1. Faith In Jesus Christ Is Eternally Essential

2. The Wisdom of A Mother Is Unparalleled

3. The Word of God Is My Life's Sole Foundation

4. A Why Will Keep Me Focused

5. Do All Things With Purpose

6. Nothing Great Comes Without Risk

7. God Will Test Me Because He Trusts Me to Pass

8. Above All Else I Must Be Saved

9. Writing is Not An Art, It's A Weapon

10. Stress Is A Silent and Deadly Killer

11. I Need to be Surrounded By Friends On My Level Who Get It

12. Maturity Is A Marathon Not A Sprint

13. Never Stop Dreaming

14. When the Dream Is Accomplished, Dream Again

15. Surround Myself With People Who Are Better Than Me

16. Stop Underestimating Myself

17. Jealousy Is In Fact A Disease

18. To Believe In Something But Be Publicly Ashamed Is Fraudulence

19. Never Dream Within the Box

20. There Are Roads that Must Be Walked Alone

21. Be Quick to Listen and Slow to Speak

22. Learn Who I Can Speak Around

23. Most Often, It’s Best to Remain Silent

24. It’s Never Too Late

All 24 points are realizations that are sweeping my mind on this day. I ponder the goodness and blessing of life and marvel. I understand fully that many have not made it to their 24th birthday, or something happened, and though they're alive, they stopped living at that age and became a grumpy adult. 

Life is beautiful, precious, and certainly should not be taken for granted. I have experienced incredible experiences thus far, and all I can do is close my eyes, focus on Christ, and bask in a wave of gratitude.

Not only have I learned a thing or two, but I have accomplished a thing or two. If you are not yet fully aware, by age 24 I became an author of 2 books and both have been published and are ready for order:

I will also be making a HUGE move back to my home country of Canada in the fall time. I haven't been back since I left at age 2, so moving back will be the biggest transition I experience, but I know God is on my side and everything will fall into place accordingly.

Because I will be moving, I plan on my blog being about writing, business, and also lifestyle so I can document my journey, the transition, and how I'm settling in The Great North. This blog will include all aspects of my life (in appropriate quantities of course) and will take you on a journey through my world as a millennial writer. I'm so exited!

The journey to 24 has been filled with wild twists and turns. It's like a roller coaster. There are many twists and turns, and you're almost never warned when it is coming ahead. Though it has truly been a learning curve, I know I have SO much left to learn and share. So far I'm basking in reaching 24 and seeing how far I will go. I think God for giving me another year and I can't wait to take you all on this journey with me!


What is the most significant lesson you have learned by your birthday thus far?


Stephanie BwaBwa is an Author and Infopreneur. She's passionate about helping budding writers become successful novelists with their stories. Her heart is full with running: Story Creative HQ, a community for writers. When she's not writing, you can catch her watching Disney or nose deep in a fantasy novel.