25 Signs That Prove You Might Be A Writer

Think you're a writer? These 25 signs will tell you if you are!

I remember for years I never thought of myself as a writer. Frankly I didn’t think I was one. I thought the writers of the world were only people who I thought were great, like Road Dahl, Lemony Snicket, Sarah Dessen. I figured, if I couldn’t write like them, I certainly had no right to call myself a writer. 

Like many writers, I attributed being a writer to being an author. I thought that was what qualified you to call yourself a writer. Having a book out there, published and in front of the world. BOY was I wrong! 

If you think this way, no worries. I want to help you break some of these preconceptions. Chances are you are a writer, you just have no idea yet. 

Let’s talk about 25 signs you might be a writer!

1. Coffee is life

Let’s be real. If the coffee isn’t flowing, neither is the writing. I mean come on, coffee saves writing lives on a daily basis. If you have a caffeinated addiction and you’re not ashamed to admit it, you may just have the writing crazies.

2. You’re a thinker

You’re always pondering something for far longer than it needs to be thought about. You overanalyze every little thing and your mind can’t stop buzzing about all of the details everyone missed… except for you… when you’re laying down at night… crying because you want to go to sleep but your brain just won’t. hush. up! 

3. You’re a voracious reader

Books are your first home. Traveling among the different lands is where you belong. You go through book hangovers as fast you do your change of undies. You’re constantly finding something new to read getting lost in the world you hold in your hands.

4. You’re descriptive

The grass isn’t green. It’s either an emerald hue that blends with the earth or an ivy green that gleams under the sunlight. You can’t just tell the story. You can’t just say what something is. You have to describe it. Every part part until the person listening can see what you saw.

5. You keep to yourself

Nothing wrong with humans, you’re solitude is just more comforting. You don’t mind being home on a Friday night lost in a book or watching a Netflix show of your favorite book (The Vampire Diaries anyone?). Plus, you love a good reason to let your mind wander and not be viewed as a weirdo.

6. You write things down

You know those genius ideas will never last more than 2 seconds if they don’t make it onto paper. What you observe has to be written. What you hear has to be written. There’s too much to describe to keep it all tucked away in your mind.

7. You see the world through the lens of stories

Everything can be turned into a story for you. Frankly it’s not that hard. It’s second nature. What you see can be described in a new light and be made to tell a different tale from a different angle.

8. You’ve loved writing since your childhood

Since you were a tot, words were your best friend. What you read and what you wrote was the greatest comfort to you of all. You’ve loved stories, especially the enthralling ones that could captivate everyone in the room. You knew since then, one day, you would tell stories too.

9. You can tell stories on the spot

No matter where you are or who you’re with, hashing out a story in seconds is no big deal for you. In moments you can whip up a fascinating and thrilling plot to share with the listeners around you.

10. Writing till the late am is NO problem

You start writing at 11pm. You take a look at your clock. It is now 6am. You friend, are completely unbothered.

11. It’s better written than said

Nothing comes close to what you can describe when you write it down. You can tell a bomb.com story alright, but there’s just something about writing it down, formulating the perfect words to craft a marvelous story. You would rather show a story than tell it.

12. You’re incredibly observant

You’re that one friend that sees everything. When people start speaking in hushed tones. When someone makes eye contact and it’s not the same. The flinch away from the touch. The spread of embarrassment while someone is trying to smile and play it off. You. See. Everything. And remain silent about it. After all, it’s for them to find out themselves and for you to have free writing material. No?

13. Writing is an escape for you

You would much rather have those fingers of yours moving than be drowning in the boisterous raucous of company. You love your words. They’re kind to you. They don’t get upset when you cut some of them out. They listen to you. They are better to you. They provide you with an escape you can’t find anywhere else on this earth.

14. Journals over shoes because DUH

The frequency at which you buy journals should be diagnosed. You have an umpteenth amounth of journals that are all empty. They’re collecting dust waiting to be filled with one of those magical ideas you have to get out one day. They’re not needed but they’re pretty and need to be filled so of course they’re needed anyway.

15. You’re different

You see things through a lens most people can’t comprehend. You don’t process information, news, events, or people the same as others. You’re thoughtful, methodical, and ever pondering. What most people agree with, you don’t. What most people see eye to eye on, you don’t. When most people don’t mind being silent, you say something because silence will never be an option for you.

16. A library or bookstore is your second home

Of course where books are, there you must be also. It is not an oddity for you to found in the corner of a bookstore or library drowning among the waves of the books you’re reading. After all, books are life eh.

17. You’re a grammar nazi

You can spot a grammatical error from a mile away and nothing, and I do mean NOTHING is worse than when you have already published something, and you find more grammatical errors after the fact. You cringe inside and start melting from the humiliation and shame.

18. You love words

You love words. Words are your friend. Words understand you. Words complete you. Words make sense to you. You know how to mold words and turn them into heart wrenching stories. They will always be one of your first loves.

19. Friends and family come to you to write cards and letters

When you go out or are sending a gift for an event, you’re the designated card writer. After all, you’re the one who can make the card sentimental enough on the behalf of everyone else. If there is a writing game, you’re the one crafting the ideas and writing them out.

20. You have procrastination on speed dial

Procrastination came out of the womb with you. Y’all are tight. You are best friends. You know you have an assignment due. A book to write. Blog to finish. Article to edit. But nope, you make hot chocolate and watch Netflix go to sleep and get cracking when you only have one day left to complete your work with excellence.

21. You work your best under pressure

Once it has finally hit “the last minute” you’re on fire. Your fingers don’t stop moving, your thoughts don’t stop flowing. Knowing your work needs to be done now kickstarts an adrenaline that gets you writing quicker than the speed of light. 

22. You’re brave enough to kill off a beloved character

You are in love with all of your characters, but when it’s time for one to go, you bite the bullet and do the thing. You’re not afraid to remove a character so your piece can come to even more life.

23. You’re misunderstood

People just. don’t. get. you. The way you think, the way you see, the way you hear, the way you process. People don’t get it. You’ve tried explaining yourself. You’ve tried explaining your point of view and just why you view things the way you do, but people don’t get it. So in the end, you fall silent and turn to writing. The one place you will always be understood.

24. Incorrect use of your and you’re set you off

I mean really. Your cake is in the oven. You’re going to eat the cake later. Simple my friends. And when people don’t understand this simplicity you take it upon yourself to educate them. Every single time.

25. You always have something you can put ideas in

Phone. Tablet. Planner. Journal. Notebook. Chipotle napkins. Whatever you can find, you keep it with you so you always have a place to throw your ideas should random spurts of inspiration grace where you are not in the comfort of your designated writing space.


Doesn’t it feel good to know you in fact ARE a writer? You don’t need these crazy credentials to give you permission to wield the title?

Listen, a degree, formal training and perfect understanding does not determine if you’re a writer. However, you being the creative nut you are, does. 

Writers are a special kind of people. The ones who listen intently to what is coming out of your mouth, and transcribe it to a story. The ones who see the world around them and use it to create art through the power of the written word. 

I say this a lot, being a writer isn’t rocket science friend.


Did you notice any of these signs in yourself before you finally realized that you are a writer?


Stephanie BwaBwa is an Author and Infopreneur. She's passionate about helping budding writers become successful novelists with their stories. Her heart is full with running: Story Creative HQ, a community for writers. When she's not writing, you can catch her watching Disney or nose deep in a fantasy novel.