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Stephanie BwaBwa is an Urban Fantasy Author and Book Writing Strategist who helps would-be authors to write their books and tell their stories, one word at a time.

One-on-one book writing strategy.

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When it comes to writing a novel, it can be incredibly difficult to get the vivid scenes you see in your head to paper -- and then to the world.

You may find yourself in a position where, you know exactly what you want your story to be about. You know what message you want to get across. You know how you want your world to develop. You probably even know which character will be your favorite.

But after you've crafted your idea, you have no clue how to start -- no clue on where to go next so you can finally finish your masterpiece of a story. You struggle with going from idea to manuscript.

This is where novel writing strategy comes in.


Idea to Manuscript...


This package includes...


1 comprehensive questionnaire so I can get to know your story very well


Three 45min Zoom video calls to dig into your writing process and get your story on track


Client portal with all your resources, hw, and recorded coaching calls + lifetime access


One weekly check-in email to track your progress and answer any questions


This is for you if...


You're a fantasy or fiction author.

You're ready to put in the work.

You will commit to yourself and your story everyday.

You will show up everyday. 

*Remember, strategy only works if you do.*



3 month minimum