You've moved your cursor 3 times now so your screen doesn't go to sleep. You've re-written these words again... and they still don't sound right...

Take in a deep sigh with me friend... now let it out and regulate your palpitating heart. 

No but really, breathe.

Listen, I totally get it.

You're focused on making sure your product or service is on point! You're busy making sure everything in your brand is cohesive and just so. Your mind is occupied with your brand photography, last minute web design touch ups, and final site polishing.

It's really not your fault, at all, that your website copy slipped your mind. Your plate just got too full and the words spilled over.

I want to help you with those lost little ABC's. Know why? Well:

  1. I love (please read *live, eat, breathe, and sleep*) writing
  2. Words are some of my closest friends
  3. And nothing beats a good story, especially when that story is yours

With an understanding of your voice, vision, and vibe, I'll learn the soul of your brand and tell your story through your copy.

This way, your website has all the pieces AND the glue (the copy) to keep it together.

You may have everything in place, but if the story told through your copy doesn't reach into your reader's heart and tear at their emotions, there will be more things falling through cracks besides your words my friend.

Think coins, and lots of them!

I love storytelling and making sure your brand comes to life so it makes a lasting impact on your audience!

Let's take your brand's heartbeat and fuse it with my storytelling abilities to create a match-made on earth.

Sound good?

Email me so we can have a chat and see if we're fit for one another! 


Stephanie was extremely flexible and patient with me. She not only helped me narrow down my niche audience but also helped me visualize how my homepage should look. I will definitely always use her for any copy I need in the future.

Tiara of Crowned and Cradled