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Stephanie BwaBwa is an Urban Fantasy Author and Book Writing Strategist who helps would-be authors to write their books and tell their stories, one word at a time.

Let the journey begin

She's crossing burned bridges
Walking through dried oceans
Planting seeds in your soil
Blooming buds in your field
Are you ready to meet

The Wanderer?

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The portal snaps open
A space grows in the darkness
An opening forms and a voice says, “Enter.”

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About her

Her is the debut poetry and prose collection of Stephanie BwaBwa. The collection follows the Wanderer who goes through trial while choosing to maintain her faith in the unseen God. 

Highlighting experiences of anxiety, depression, rejection, faith, and surrender, Her is a journey through many valleys that ultimately lead to triumphs which rise to mountainous height. 

The book is divided into 3 parts. Each new poem highlights a different experience yet when they're altogether linked, they form a beautiful story with a powerful message of true faith.

Her takes readers through a raw journey of the reality most people of faith endure, but don't talk about. The collection will draw readers into some bitter moments yet display much sweetness, because in every experience, there is always a bit of sweetness to find and cherish.