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Stephanie BwaBwa is an Urban Fantasy Author and Book Writing Strategist who helps would-be authors to write their books and tell their stories, one word at a time.

The Novelist's Toolbox

Fill your toolbox with the essential tools every novelist must have when working on their novel, for FREE.

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Never start a novel confused again. Get your toolbox!


What's In the Toolbox?

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  • Productivity Tools

  • Noise Generation Tools

  • Essential Novelist Tools

  • Essential Novelist Software

  • Style Guides and Reference Books

  • Novelist Must Haves

Over 70+ resources for your next novel!


Grab your toolbox fam!

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Ohey, I'm Stephanie BwaBwa

An Author, Infopreneur and Founder of: The Storytelling Creative. I'm passionate about storytelling and serving YOU. When I'm not writing, you can catch me watching Disney or nose deep in a fantasy novel. Want to connect, find me here: