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Stephanie BwaBwa is an Urban Fantasy Author and Book Writing Strategist who helps would-be authors to write their books and tell their stories, one word at a time.

Novel Writing ABc's

Writing your novel shouldn't be complicated. Learn exactly what you need to start writing your novel in just 5 days.

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If you sat down and wanted to write a novel right now, would you be able to?


Write your novel with confidence from day 1.


This won't happen by blindly diving into the novel writing process without any prior preparation.

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What you will learn:


1.  A ⟶ Aim: The goals needed before you begin writing

2.  B ⟶ Build: The foundation that needs to be set before you begin writing

3.  C ⟶ Consistency: The momentum to maintain before you begin writing

4.  D ⟶ Deadlines: The pressure to establish before you begin writing

5.  E ⟶ Equipment: The tools you need to have before you begin writing


Enroll in the free course fam.

I mean, it's better than what most people are charging for.

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An Author, Infopreneur and Founder of: The Storytelling Creative. I'm passionate about storytelling and serving YOU. When I'm not writing, you can catch me watching Disney or nose deep in a fantasy novel. Want to connect, find me here: