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Stephanie BwaBwa is an Urban Fantasy Author and Book Writing Strategist who helps would-be authors to write their books and tell their stories, one word at a time.

It's time to be


3 boys. 2 tragedies. 1 girl.
A trip into forever.
Will she still choose faith?

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About the book

High school junior Sarabi Casper struggles to keep her faith after a series of personal attacks and losses.

As she dances the line of rebellion with the enticing Rex, while also fighting a new physical attraction to her best friend, Uriah, she finds herself declaring to the heavens her faithlessness.

She has no idea this announcement will earn her a visit from Jes – the mysterious, fiery-eyed man who knows more about her than any stranger should – much less his companion, Malkiel, a talking, winged stallion. And who is the silver-eyed girl with the electric whip and eerie dove who seems to shadow her every step? Sarabi is determined to find out.

When the effects of trauma and her inner conflict finally cause Sarabi to break, who will help her pick up the fragments and will there be enough of them to put her back together again?

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I pick up where I left off, desperate not to miss any details; a night like this has to be documented. As I finish writing, I see it again.

I whip around, staring into a pool of light. Majestic streaks of orange and white fire glow along the walls of my room. They begin at one end, spreading into the far corner, beaming like radiant shards in sunlight. My eyes sting and water as I try to blink away the burn. The light dances like sparks of electricity crackling through my walls. The light dazzlingly spreads throughout my entire room.

I vow to commit this vision to memory and ask daddy about it. I shut my eyes, burning the scene into my mind and open them again to white walls covered with boyband posters and string lights. My heart pounds. My hands are clammy, a pulse beating in them. Beads of sweat form at my temples. I know what I just saw!

My shaking hand picks up my pen one more time.

Dear Julius,

It’s an eerie, incandescent evening and I’m certain everything is about to change. I’ve always had firm views about the separation between the temporal and supernatural dimensions. We live in one, avoid the other, and know never the twain shall meet. So it’s bizarre to think of the two worlds having a crossroads. My views remain firm but something tells me that my belief about that eternal separation is very wrong…

In all nervousness, Snow

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