Stephanie BwaBwa is a fantasy author, poet, and book writing coach. She helps writers craft and complete their fantasy and fiction novels.

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Let's talk about when,
I wrote my 100K novel in 30 days.

I reached a place where I wanted to write more. Faster. And feel like a million bucks for knocking my manuscript out of the park! I assumed I had to be pre-writing and planning for months, fill out all of these "writing" worksheets, and read all these reference books before I could execute my stories. The game changed when I fleshed out my novel of 100K(+) in one month... especially when others take years.

Fun fact: I'm not special. You can do the same thing, fellow writer.

Nothing's more annoying than stressing out over a process that should be fun and full of passion. You don't have to be confused. You don't have to run around in circles. YES, you can start your novel, make sense out of your endless ideas, put together a bomb outline, know your story in and out, AND finish your novel, once and for all. Ready to finally do it? Start with the free cheecklist. Click the button, and it's all yours.


It's time you finish writing your novel, writer. Here's the no brainer way to do it.

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